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Rug Repair

Rugs get damaged fairly easily and their replacement is quite hard on the wallet. If you do not want to cough up a small fortune for replacing frayed or damaged rugs, then you must definitely consider our rug repair service. There is nothing as comforting as a cosy old rug on a winter’s night. Poets and writers have often venerated the cosiness and the warmth that emanates from rugs. However, a damaged rug is a pitiful sight. If a rug has been used for a while, there are chances that it might have become dirty. Coffee stains, tea stains and other stains are likely to give the rug the appearance of a rag. The fibres become hard and unpleasant. Our rug repair service will take your rug from rags to riches! We will restore your damaged, lifeless rug to the cosy and comfortable and lustrous rug that it was always meant to be!